Living Potting Soil for Organic Growers

Vermont Compost Company's primary goal is to provide the highest quality compost and potting soils to growers for organic vegetable and flower production.

After more than twenty years in business, Vermont Compost Company continues to produce consistent mixes professional growers depend on for the health of their plants.

Our customer base is made up of a thriving community of successful growers who consider Vermont Compost Company a valuable resource.

Soil Blocking

Eliot Coleman explains the importance of soil blocking for his farm.

Invest in Your Soil

Eliot Coleman talks about the importance of using the best potting soil to start your plants. Consider it an investment for the success of your farm.

Fort Vee

Karl Hammer explains the essential elements of Fort Vee

It's All About The Compost

Sid Hammer outlines the importance of soil stewardship

Suitability for Certified Organic Production

All ingredients used in Vermont Compost products have been approved for certified organic production. Our composting process meets the National Organic Program (NOP) standard requirements and our products are approved by Vermont Organic Farmers (VOF), the certification branch of NOFA-VT.

View our VOF compliance documents online or contact us directly for more information.