Karl Hammer on The No Till Market Garden Podcast

The No Till Market Garden Podcast

The No Till Market Garden Podcast with Farmer Jesse Frost brings together some of the great agricultural minds in modern farming to discuss the possibilities, benefits, and challenges associated with No Till production. The goal of Farmer Jesse's interviews, classifieds, and blogposts is to create a dynamic and interactive resource for farmers and growers who are interested in incorporating No Till growing methods into their own agricultural systems. Through Jesse's commitment to creating sharable content focused on regenerative agriculture practices, and his own work with his wife Hannah Crabtree at Rough Draft Farm in Kentucky, he endeavors to inspire individuals to look at tillage differently and think creatively about growing food to make a living in our modern day world.

On the April 22nd, 2019 Podcast, Farmer Jesse interviews President and Founder of Vermont Compost, Karl Hammer, about his past experiences in farming, soil ecology, raising chickens on compost, and so much more. Karl's expertise flows from identifying core relationships between organic matter and soil biota to the social influences that have sculpted much of contemporary agriculture in the United States and beyond.

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May 2, 2019, noon


Darby Weaver